Hello dear readers,

The goal of our group is to help each other to improve our English Language level using modern day technology. In order to achieve our goal we need to define some basic rules for the group members as follows:


Every other day we put a new reading comprehension on the website. Each member has to read the passages carefully and write it down on a piece of paper. Then he/she should take a photo from it and send it to the group. In this way we can find out that the group has been important for you and our efforts are not useless. On the other hand by writing down the passages, your dictation capabilities would improve and new words would find their way better deep into your brain!

If for any reason, you are not interested to write down the reading, then you have another option to read it aloud for the group members.

The deadline for each task is 12 at the night after the reading is posted. For example if I put the new reading at 3 pm on Saturday, then the deadline is 11:59 pm on Sunday!


Best Regards