My Hometown: Shiraz [Reading #02 Level B]

Shiraz is my hometown. It is known as the city of poets, literature and flowers. It is also famous for its beautiful gardens such as Eram and Afifabad. The best time to visit Shiraz is in the middle of spring. At that time of year colorful flowers blossom and their amazing smell fills the air.

Eram Garden

Eram Garden

Shiraz’s climate has the four different seasons. During the winter the weather gets pretty cold and in the summer the weather becomes really hot. Shirazi people like to go out in the night after their work and because of that Shiraz has got an amazing nightlife with delicious food to eat and beautiful places to visit.

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A Thin Man [Reading #02 Level B]

Richard is a light eater. He doesn’t eat much. He isn’t a heavy eater. He eats a light breakfast, a light lunch, and a light dinner. Richard is not fat. He is thin. He will always be thin, because he is a light eater. He eats a bowl of cereal for breakfast. He eats a bowl of cereal with milk.

A thin Man.

A thin man.

He eats a sandwich for lunch. Sometimes it’s a fish sandwich. He likes fish. He eats rice and vegetables for dinner. All he eats for dinner is rice and vegetables. He will never get fat.


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The Eagles [Reading #01 Level B]

Golden eagle with sockeye Aquila chrysaetos/n South Kamchatka SanctuaryGolden eagle; Aquila chrysaetos; sockeye; South Kamchatka Sanctuary; Kamchatka

Golden eagle. 

Eagles are one of the biggest hunters in the sky. The family of eagles is divided into 60 species. Most of eagles live in the mountains.

Eagles’ eyes are very powerful which helps them to hunt animals like rabbits and mice.

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