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The Dolphins [Reading #05 Level A]

Dolphins are regarded as the friendliest creatures in the sea and stories of them helping drowning sailors have been common since Roman times. The more we learn about dolphins, the more we realize that their society is more complex than people previously imagined. They look after other dolphins when they are ill, care for pregnant […]

My Hometown: Shiraz [Reading #02 Level B]

Shiraz is my hometown. It is known as the city of poets, literature and flowers. It is also famous for its beautiful gardens such as Eram and Afifabad. The best time to visit Shiraz is in the middle of spring. At that time of year colorful flowers blossom and their amazing smell fills the air. […]

Writing Exercise [Level A]

This writing exercise is posted on demand of our group member Mehrdad. This is an IELTS writing task 2. You should spend about 30 minutes on this task. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words. Read the two questions below, and […]

Nasreddin and the Pot [Reading #04 Level A]

One day Nasreddin borrowed a pot from his neighbour Ali. The next day he brought it back with another little pot inside. “That’s not mine,” said Ali. “Yes, it is,” said Nasreddin. “While your pot was staying with me, it had a baby.” Some time later Nasreddin asked Ali to lend him a pot again. […]

The Snake-Charmer [Reading #03 Level A]

As we had had a long walk through one of the markets of Old Delhi, we stopped at a square to have a rest. After a time, we noticed a snake-charmer with two large baskets at the other side of the square, so we went to have a look at him. As soon as he […]

A Thin Man [Reading #02 Level B]

Richard is a light eater. He doesn’t eat much. He isn’t a heavy eater. He eats a light breakfast, a light lunch, and a light dinner. Richard is not fat. He is thin. He will always be thin, because he is a light eater. He eats a bowl of cereal for breakfast. He eats a […]

The Bald Eagle [Reading #01 Level A]

The Bald Eagle is a majestic bird. The adult bird has a brown body, brown wings, white head, and large, hooked yellow bill. Younger birds appear all brown. Bald Eagles almost always live near water because their main food source is fish. Sometimes, however, Bald Eagles will eat dead animals (carrion). They will even steal […]

The Eagles [Reading #01 Level B]

Eagles are one of the biggest hunters in the sky. The family of eagles is divided into 60 species. Most of eagles live in the mountains. Eagles’ eyes are very powerful which helps them to hunt animals like rabbits and mice. Download The Audio File Words’ Image Gallery: